Boilerhouse Risk Assessment Process

Boilerhouse Risk Assessment

Boilerhouse Risk Assessment Process

The Technical Boilerhouse Risk Assessment process involves a detailed site survey by one of our experienced Engineers to assess all operational conditions on the site, including equipment specifications, operator and manager qualifications, operational procedures, security, log and record keeping, review of the Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) etc.  A fully detailed Steam Boiler Risk Assessment report is then prepared, detailing any issues and providing recommendations to reduce risk.

The Steam Boiler Risk Assessment also reviews outline water treatment issues;  a site specific risk assessment of water treatment and quality is also necessary, this should be undertaken by a dedicated water treatment specialist with the required skills, experience and knowledge to provide a full and in depth review.

Following the issue of the Steam Boiler Risk Assessment report, a review meeting is offered to discuss the findings.  Further support can also be provided to assist in implementing the recommendations detailed in the Technical Boilerhouse Risk Assessment if required.

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